Neue Firmware 0.6

Seit kurzem wird unsere neue Firmware 0.6 ausgerollt. Für alle Router, bei denen der Autoupdater an ist, ist nichts weiteres zu tun, da diese eigenständig updaten.

Hier die wesentlichen Änderungen im Überblick:

1. Change GLUON base from v2014.4.x up to v2015.1.x. Thats included the following main changes:
Changes up to v2015.1.2
Added hardware support
TL-WA830RE (v1)
TP-Link TL-WA801N/ND v1
TL-WA701N/ND (v2)
TL-WA801N/ND (v1)
TL-WA830RE (v2)
TL-WR740N / TL-WR741ND (v5)

TP-Link TL-WA830RE v2: remove BROKEN

New features
The x86-generic and x86-kvm_guest images now support two ethernet interfaces by default. If two interfaces exist during the first boot, eth0 will be used as LAN and eth1 as WAN.
Ubiquiti Loco M, Picostation M and Rocket M now get their own images (which are just copies of the Bullet M image)so it’s more obvious for users which image to use.
The x86-generic images now contain the e1000e ethernet driver by default.

Fix German “Expert Mode” label (was “Export Mode”).
Fix download of OpenSSL during build because of broken OpenSSL download servers.
Fix ABI break causing kernel panics when trying to use network-related modules from the official OpenWrt repository (like kmod-pppoe).
Fix race conditions breaking parallel build occasionally.
A broken network configuration would be generated when an older Gluon version was updated to 2015.1 with mesh_on_lan enabled in site.conf.
Minor announced/alfred JSON format fixes (don’t output empty lists where empty objects would be expected).
Fix another ABI incompatiblity with the upstream kernel modules which prevented loading some filesystem-related modules.
Fix potential MAC address conflicts on x86 target when using mesh-on-wan/lan.
Fix signal strength indicators on TP-LINK CPE210/510.
Fix the model name string on some NETGEAR WNDR3700v2.
Fix 5GHz WLAN switching channels and losing connectivity when other WLANs using the same channel are detected (including other Gluon nodes…); see
Fix DNS resolution for mesh VPN on IPv6-only WAN; see
gluon-mesh-batman-adv-15: update batman-adv to 2015.0 with additional bugfixes (fixes various minor bugs).
gluon-mesh-batman-adv-15: fix forwarding of fragmented frames over multiple links with different MTUs.

Additional changes up to v2015.1.x

Enable DIRECT_IO kernel config
Fixes a kernel incompatiblity with the upstream OpenWrt modules regarding
filesystem drivers (and probably other modules related to block devices).

x86-generic: add kmod-e1000e network driver

Always use eth0 address as primary address on x86 and brcm2708
These targets don’t have a WLAN adapter by default, so it doesn’t make
sense to default to the phy0 address.

gluon-mesh-batman-adv-core: adjust rssid config to renamed WLAN interfaces
This should fix the signal strength indicators on the TP-Link CPE210/510.

gluon-mesh-batman-adv-core: unconditionally set the WAN MAC address
This fixes MAC address conflicts on devices which use the eth0 as primary address.

2. Add the package ffnw-banner for a ffnw specific shell banner.
3. Add the package opkgconf to change the openWRT repo urls.
because of working global IPv6
4. Add and update the packages libwlocate and lwtrace for wifi triangulation.
This works together with the geolocator in the package ffnw-node-info.
libwlocate uses for triangulation
5. Add the package ffnw-node-info.
This is the full cloned gluon-node-info package with additional changes.
The main change is the so called geolocator that can be used to locate the position of the router via wifi triangulation and set the geolocation.
The geolocator works actually only on VPNrouters, a new libwlocation libray is in manufacturing

Add the package ffnw-config-mode-geo-location and ffnw-config-mode-contact-info.
ffnw-config-mode-geo-location can now configure the geolocator to set automatically triangulated positions.
ffnw-config-mode-contact-info cloned by gluon-config-mode-contact-info because of package-conflicts.The geolocator works actually only on VPNrouters, a new libwlocation libray is in manufacturing
In case of that gluon-node-info and gluon-config-mode-geo-location and gluon-config-mode-contact-info will be dropped.
6. Remove Netmon geolocation synchronisation code from packages/configurator.

7. Change netmon ULA address to the domain netmon.ffnw.

8. Nodewatcher: add geo-location to

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